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Products & Services | Audio & Video

JAM Events and Productions offers modern high-end sound and video equipment for your next event! Still can't find what you are looking for? 

Call us at (405) 602 - 2324 or email

projector screens

Jam Events and Productions offers projector screens in sizes 9' x 12' screen with full dress kit.  We also have 10' x 10' & 6' x 8' pop-up screens available.


We have any type of projector you would need for your event.

lcd tvS

Jam Events offers many sizes of LED TV's for rental.

dvd Player / blu ray player

JAM Events offers DVD players and Blu-Ray players for rental as well.

microphone stand

Microphone Stands are a great addition to any sound setup or band setup.

wireless microphone

JAM Events offers wireless microphones that can be used with our sound system setups!

handheld microphone

Handheld wired microphones are a great component to our sound system setups.

small sound system

Small Sound System setups are available through JAM for rental or for setup.